Why Should You Play Online Scratch Card Games? – Sports-nova

Why Should You Play Online Scratch Card Games? – Sports-nova

Since their introduction in the 70s, the scratch cards have hardly seen any change in their design. Their online adaptation by designers and programmers was made to retain indigenous design. It was to remind people of the thrill scratch cards offered offline.

So, what is it that has held imagination captive for so many years? Even today, marketing activities adapt the scratch card game to attract more consumers. Mentioned below are a few characteristics of scratch games, that make it a forever favourite.

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Miniscule investment

The reason most people turn to scratch cards is because of the tiny investment involved as compared to the rewards. Irrespective of the odds, getting a scratch card promises about lakhs worth of prizes by just spending Rs. 100 on a ticket. At the same time, the lot of online casinos that offer scratch cards also offer bonus rounds and cards, and sometimes even free plays. It makes it an extremely lucrative bargain for people.

Low chance of risk

Playing Roulette, Baccarat or any other game online requires you to deposit quite a hefty sum with the online casino. It is not the case with most scratch card games. So, not only is the investment low, but the security deposit is non-existent or very less. That makes it a perfect combination for people who do not