Pennsylvania Online Poker, One Year Later – Poker News Daily

Pennsylvania Online Poker, One Year Later – Poker News Daily

It’s been slightly more than a year since the state of Pennsylvania opened the doors on their online casino gaming industry. When they first opened, none of those with an online casino license opened for online poker, however. That changed in November of last year when Mount Airy Casino and PokerStars brought their online poker operation online. So how is that operation doing one year later? There is good and bad in the mix.

On the Good Side

The Mt. Airy casino/PokerStars operation has been doing brisk business in Pennsylvania. In the final two months of 2019 once it opened, the operation was able to pull in over $3.4 million. That was already a fairly good take, but the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting shutdowns brought in even more action.

After the entirety of the Pennsylvania casino was shut down in March, online poker rocketed upward for the Mount Airy Casino and PokerStars. In April, they reported to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) a monthly “win” of $5.25 million. It would drop in the month of May, but the revenues were still a respectable $4.5 million for online poker in Pennsylvania.

June saw the reopening of the casinos in Pennsylvania and, as a result, the revenues would come back to earth a bit. In June,