Secrets to Winning at Casino Roulette – Gambling Tips for Roulette –

Secrets to Winning at Casino Roulette – Gambling Tips for Roulette –

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You can’t find many professional roulette players. The main reason for this is because most roulette tables are unplayable. And even when you find the perfect roulette table and wheel, you still can’t quite get the edge down to zero.

Of course, the casinos don’t want you to win, so they make it as hard as they can. In fact, you’re not going to even come close to beating roulette if you don’t know a few secrets.

Here are five secrets about real money roulette that the casinos don’t want you to know.

Why Most Roulette Games Are Unplayable

The odds are good that every roulette game you’ve seen in your life is unplayable. When I say unplayable, what I mean is that the odds, return to player percentage, and the house edge is so bad that you shouldn’t play.

The most common roulette variant is what many players call an American table or wheel. The way to tell if a table has an American Roulette wheel is to see if the table or wheel has a space, which is usually green, that has 00, or a double-zero space.

When a roulette table has an American wheel, there are a total of 38 spaces on the table and wheel. The pay outs on these wheels are the same as the pay outs on wheels and tables with only a single zero, but the